***** Proven performance in the field to estimate various building components or site projects with minimal keystokes. Construction Master Calculator Templates for your Desktop, Laptop, or portable windows PC's using excel to achieve uncanny accuracy for your estimating needs, Guaranteed! *****
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** Small changes are modifying existing content personalizing the purchasers template to fit their needs.  Large changes include adding additional content modification of the calculator which requires a phone consultation with a nominal cost  that will be agreed upon prior to ACorrectBID.com, Inc. modification.

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Scott Hansen, President and founder of ACorrectBID.com, Inc. is a military veteran who has delivered multimillion dollar construction estimates to his clients using various estimating programs over his thirty five year career.  His estimates rank in the top twenty percent among bidding contractors for each project, and enjoys a sixty five percent win-rate with projects never losing money at completion.  The Construction Master Calculator Templates are key to his success, which amplified the detail he demands to generate those superior estimates.  ACorrectBID.com, Inc. is not a construction estimation firm, we design his superior Excel based templates for your commercial and home projects for professional contractors and home owners.

Scott demanded accuracy above and beyond what most programs expensive programs could produce, he envisioned using a readily available programs most companies have available, easy to use interface requiring little training, and very portable.  He decided to develop Excel templates for these one-of-a-kind calculators to detail his estimates to the higher standard the other costly platforms did not have.  He developed security in the templates to ensure what you purchase is what you have after millions of uses.  You use your personal pricing or RS Means to estimates and everyone of the Master Templates have proved their worth time and time again in the field and in the office. One time purchase gives your a lifetime of use, no license, or training fee's.

The Master Templates on the following pages are the next generation of the estimators Scott uses in his career.  He brings to bear his mastery of estimating, Excel, and construction knowledge providing you the new generation of templates that load on your desktops, laptops, and now the handheld windows devices.  Our Guarantee to you is:  when you purchase our products, we offer you free of charge small changes ** to mold your calculator into your own personal calculator. 

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