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Construction Master Calculator Templates for Excel

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ACorrectBID.com, Inc.

Construction Master Calculator Templates Founder

Scott Hansen President and CEO of ACorrectBID.com, Inc., is a 35 plus year veteran in the construction industry who's delivered over 600 million dollars of construction estimates to his clients using various estimating programs.  His estimates rank the top 20 percent among bidding contractors for each project, enjoy a 65% win rate, with no projects losing money at completion.  The Construction Master Calculator Templates he developed over the years are his key to success to amplify the detail he demanded to generate those superior estimates.  ACorrectBID.com is not a construction estimation firm, we design his superior Excel base calculators to you for your commercial projects in construction industry, and for the home owner.

Scott demanded accuracy most programs could not produce, and envisioned using a readily available program known as Excel to develop his one-of-a-kind calculators to detail his estimates to the higher standard the other larger estimating platforms lacked.  When suppliers could not furnish proposals before bid days. He developed secure calculator templates using their unit pricing to estimate the projects for them, which proved very effective because his suppliers accepted his numbers multiple times for their proposals.  Every one of his Construction Master Calculator Templates have proved their worth time and time again in the real world.  

The Construction Master Calculator Templates on the following pagers are the next generation of the estimators Scott used during his career.  He's bringing to bear his mastery of estimating, his knowledge of Excel, and construction knowledge to provide you the new generation of template calculators that load on Desktops, Laptops, and now the handheld windows devices that use Excel.  The Mobility Masters estimate multiple structures at the same time, generates a very accurate bill-of-Materials, and print out a professional proposal sheet on the first site visit This is a very important tool anyone can use.      

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Construction master Calculator Templates